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We have three main categories of Services and Fees. Often a specific package can be tailored to suit your individual circumstances. The following Fee Structure can be used as a guide to our pricing for you.
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Students | School Leavers | Entry Level Service | Unemployed
This is for school / Uni / TAFE students/leavers and if you've been unemployed for the past 3 months or longer.

Choose this option if:

You are aged between 15-21 years or unemployed for at least 3 months or longer

- You are applying for a graduate position

- You have recently completed a degree, a diploma, a certificate or finished High School

- You have been working in casual or temporary roles for the past few years whilst studying

Consultation by Phone/Email/Online - FREE
Professional Résumé - $85
Professional Cover Letter - $25
Professional LinkedIn Profile - $35
Professional Expression of Interest Letter - $25
Selection Criteria - Price upon request. Pls email the link to the position description and your Résumé to us for a free assessment and quote.
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Standard Service For All
This is the most common Résumé writing service requested as it covers most positions.This service is also designed for people who are applying for new positions, changing jobs or seeking to re-enter the work force.

Choose this option if:

- You have been in the workforce full time for 1 year or longer

- You are re-entering the workforce

- You would like to better showcase your skills and achievements in a particular field

- You need to consolidate your skills and experience to better target your desired job

Consultation by Phone/Email/Online - FREE
Professional Résumé - $145
Professional Cover Letter - $55
Professional LinkedIn Profile - $55
Professional Expression of Interest Letter - $55
Selection Criteria - Price upon request. Pls email the link to the position description and your Résumé to us for a free assessment and quote.
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Management | Supervisory | Corporate Roles
This service is designed for those seeking supervisory / management or senior positions.

Choose this option if:

- You are in a management position now and wish to progress

- You have responsibility for other employees

- You have budget responsibilities

- You have project or line management skills

Consultation by Phone/Email/Online - FREE
Professional Résumé - $255
Professional Cover Letter - $85
Professional LinkedIn Profile - $85
Professional Expression of Interest Letter - $85
Selection Criteria - Price upon request. Pls email the link to the position description and your Résumé to us for a free assessment and quote.
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With Every Résumé Order, You Receive The Following Services:
  • A Résumé and/or Cover Letter / LinkedIn Profile that ‘sells you’ to your chosen market and level of position that you are seeking.
  • Soft copies of your professionally written documents in Word.doc & PDF formats.


Remember you always “Get What You Pay For”! – Our fee structure is extremely competitive because every document is individually created for you. Therefore, ensuring your documents are selected by the ATS software. Some companies charge less but they are using templates to create your documents and templates are immediately discarded by the (ATS) and thus your Résumé or documents will not be read.

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What our clients are saying


Sonia has made one of the best resumes i have ever seen in my life she helped through a dofficult time when my dad unfortunately passed away at the same time she was very understanding and was able to walk me trhough the process thanks so much Sonia.

Gregory Kett


I reached out to Sonia and the team at All Resume Services a couple of years ago to have my resume and cover letter done upon moving to Australia. The service was extremely professional and prompt. I have had alot of positive responses from jobs that I have applied for since and had success in securing a fantastic role. Should and when, I require an update on my resume and cover letter, I will definitely be reaching out to the team again. Given how fantastic their service is, I have recommended Sonia to a few of my friends who have also shared alot of positive feedback on Sonia and the team at All Resume Services. --- Nov 2023

Naveen Karunaratne


Thank you immensely Sonia for your exceptional expertise in providing professional writing services. Your assistance has been invaluable, as I would have faced immense difficulty and uncertainty without it. Your prompt responsiveness, expeditious turnaround, sincere demeanour, and compassionate approach have been truly commendable and demonstrates your commitment to assisting and guiding others. I appreciate your quality of service, consistently outshining professional benchmarks. It is commendable how your pricing structure is a model of transparency and fairness, amplifying the value you provide. Thanking you!

D King


I have used All Resume Services for the first time about 5 years ago, the service I received it was excellent! Very professional service! within one week I scored an interview and was hired in two weeks! Recently I have changed careers I needed to update my Resume and cover letter. Sonia and the team come to mind! I contacted Sonia, within no time I had a brand new resume and cover letter, it was amazing! professionally done! I have alway found Sonia and the team to be very knowledgable in their field  and believe me they know their stuff, you wont be disappointed. I will continue to use All Resume Services and recommend them to family, friends any one who needs help with a great professional resume service. Thank you Sonia and the Team.



Thanks Sonia and the All Resume Services crew for the excellent work on my recent Resume and Cover Letter upgrade, instant feedback from potential employers compared to my old document.

Andrew Jackson


The most impressive resume i ever had to be honest.

Jerry Geronimo


I reached out to Sonia and her team after being recommended to them by an ex work colleague.From the beginning Sonia was thorough and prompt with her responses to my questions.After my resume was reviewed Sonia made the process of tailoring my new resume easy by having me complete an information sheet that allowed her to see my career experience to date as well where I wanted to head to next.I was amazed with the final product and could not believe the way that both my resume and cover letter were re-written. Sonia tailored my resume to be versatile for different roles and industries as I had advised her that I was wanting to change my career path.After taking a break I am now eager to commence the job hunt using my new resume.I would highly recommend Sonia and All Resume Services to anyone at any stage of life.

Mono B


Excellent service. Strongly recommend !

Ali Nazari


As a follow up to my previous review, I wanted to share that I recently used Sonia's resume writing services and was extremely grateful for her help. Not only was she professional and detail-oriented, but she also provided valuable insights and guidance throughout the job search process. Thanks to her expertise, I was able to secure a year 4 teaching position over 7 other candidates. I highly recommend Sonia for her excellent resume writing skills and interview strategy advice. She is a true gem and I am thankful for her assistance.Thank you Sonia for your detailed construction of my resume and your colleague support as well. The feedback from some professionals in education have looked at it i, all have said that your professional input and ideas analysis is superb. The layout and attention to detail is thorough. I feel more confident moving forward with my updated resume.

Troy Chelo


Excellent resume service completed in a timely manner with wonderful results.Thank you.

Jasmine . L


Professional service, strongly recommend.

Stanislav Gorin


I can strongly recommend All ResumesServices to anyone and everyone who are aspiring for a change in their career or even if it s the very beginning, they can help you out by preparing a person centred resume that can attract any employer. They are highly skilled and experienced in this job, I personally have experienced this and Thank the Team for their efforts and timely support, I wish them all the best!

Mallik Arjun


I was very happy with Sonia help. She saved me a lot of time and stress. Fabulous  and professional service. I am very happy with everything Sonia did for me. I will be recommending her services to everyone.

Marie Skewes


Thank you so much Sonia & Team at All Resume Services. I m amazed how you compiled all my notes and made it into an amazing resume and cover letter, I just love your work.  The process was easy and the presentation is perfect and very professional. I m sure that I ll find my perfect job as I would hire myself!!

Guaraciara Roma Petrucci


Over a decade of resume s for our family with an amazing success rate. Thank you team for pushing through a time of crisis. I hope you are all well.

Peggy Ngaheu


Hello Sonia, I can not thank you enough for yours and your team s work in developing my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. I went from 2 phone calls in 3 weeks to booking 5 interviews in 2 days of jobs applying. I now have secured myself an amazing position with a great future I would never have dreamed of before. With your materials and using your cover letter details as my basis I went to those interviews and got 5 job offers. I have been cancelling further interviews because they just keep pouring in. I have recommended your services to friends and I hope they will contact you soon. I am amazed at what a difference your presentation made. I would love to share my review of your business on Google but I can t seem to find your Google listing. Could you please link it to me or any where else I could share my experience. Kind Regards, Yucel Yucel



Thank you Sonia !! I landed a job and thank you for your efforts. I have referred you to several friends and my husband and they will contact you soon. Appreciate your support in making my application a suitable one. MIDWAY POINT TASMANIA

Hirushi Mudalige


Thanks so much once again for your time and effort in putting his life into professionalism. I ve recommended your business and will continue to do so in the future . Many Thanks, SAFETY BAY

Jules Pitman


Thanks again for your services. I have received very positive feedback for my CV presentation so thanks for that. Kind Regards SECRET HARBOUR

Scott Green


Hi Sonia Just letting you know just started applying for jobs and I m getting lots of hits .Had my first interview today on Microsoft Team and looks promising Thanks again for my resume & cover letter Thanks NORTH ALTONA VIC

Anna Karakyriako