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How frustrating is it when you find that perfect job advertised, you apply for it, you upload your Résumé with a feeling of confidence, only for that confidence to turn to despondency as you (a) never hear back from the employer or (b) you get the dreaded thanks, but no thanks email?

If you have ever had this happen to you it can be very demoralizing, particularly if you never get to find out why you didn’t get an interview, when on paper you were the perfect candidate.

There could be several reasons at play here as to why you didn’t get an interview. Here, All Résumé Services on the Gold Coast share with our readers some inside knowledge that will perhaps better prepare you when you next apply for a job.

#You’ve used a Résumé template from the internet

In this tough job market, you need a Résumé that gives you the leading edge over other candidates. Résumé templates you have used from the internet will rarely get past the sophisticated Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) and cannot possibly portray your skills and attributes in such a professional way as a professionally written Résumé.

#You’ve not included keywords in your Résumé

Keywords play an important part in getting your Résumé past the computer and the ATS and on to the next stage – interviews.

But whether your Résumé is read by a human or a computer, to have it stand out from the crowd you need to include keywords.  All Résumé Services can assist you to have a professionally written Résumé that also includes specific keywords relevant to your industry that employers are looking for.

#You’ve not addressed the selection criteria

Generally, in an advertised role there will be an essential and desirable selection criterion. Whilst you may look at the desirable criteria and think it’s optional to respond to, make no mistake; if you don’t respond to them, your chances of getting to the interview stage reduce dramatically.

Hiring personnel is looking for your response to all the selection criteria and examples of how you meet them when they read your cover letter and Résumé.

All Résumé Services understand the importance of selection criteria and know exactly what recruitment managers want to see in this regard.

#You did not include a cover letter

No matter how in-depth your Résumé is, or how glorious your accolades are, they don’t talk about you as a person. A professional cover letter can give an insight into your work ethic and the person behind the Résumé.

If a potential employer asks for a cover letter and one is not provided, this can be an easy way to weed out candidates that don’t follow instruction.

Conversely, if a cover letter is provided and it is generic and not tailored to the job, it can show a lack of effort and potentially a lack of interest in the role. When shortlisting from a large candidate pool, Human Resources managers can be ruthless in their selection criteria.

#All Résumé Services on the Gold Coast can get your Résumé seen!

When you’ve sent your Résumé out to prospective employers and you know you are the right person for the job but no one seems to be calling, it’s time to consider a professional Résumé writing service.

The key to landing an interview is having your Résumé and cover letter stand out and All Résumé Services on the Gold Coast have professional Résumé writers with over 30 years of experience that can help you.

Don’t wait for a potential employer to work out if you are the right person for the role!  Call All Résumé Services on 0410 934 371 and our professional Résumé writing service on the Gold Coast will detail how and why YOU are the right person for the job!


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