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So, you’ve found a job that ticks all your boxes. You dust off your Résumé and set about writing your cover letter. The job indicates there are some essential and desirable criteria. You figure, your Résumé speaks for itself so you don’t really need to address the selection criteria. You then send off your Résumé and cover letter, quietly confident you will get an interview as you are perfectly suited to the role.

But hold on, the phone doesn’t ring.  In fact, you get no feedback at all. Do you start to wonder what could possibly have gone wrong when you had everything you needed to fulfill the role?

All Résumé Services can tell you exactly what has happened….you failed to address the essential and desirable criteria for the employer in your cover letter, so you have not passed the selection criteria phase.

If you are applying for Government positions, a selection panel will know what they are looking for in their ideal candidate. Bypassing the selection criteria phase, the interviewer can be comfortable that the candidates will possess the right attributes to be considered for the role.

Government interview panels can be quite daunting and they waste no time cutting you as a candidate if you cannot demonstrate with past experience or scenarios that you have the capabilities and qualities they are looking for.

That’s why you need All Résumé Services on the Gold Coast to professionally write your essential selection criteria and desirable selection criteria so the reader sits up and takes notice of your ability to advance the organizations goal and objectives.

#Essential Selection Criteria

Essential selection criteria describe the personal qualities, skills, abilities, knowledge and any qualifications a person needs to perform the role effectively. They are used to quickly identify the right candidate for the role above those who cannot prove they meet the criteria.

The key to adequately addressing essential selection criteria is substantiation.  You will need to:

  • Provide evidence of a situation and how you demonstrated your capability and how you meet the selection criteria
  • Provide specific details of the task and what you did
  • Provide an indicator or description of success or a result

#Desirable Selection Criteria

Desirable selection criteria are skills that the employer considers to be important but not essential. It is still important to address any desirable selection criteria as your chances of being shortlisted will be greater if you addressed both essential and desirable criteria.

Examples of desirable selection criteria may include:

  • Having a drivers license
  • Flexibility with hours
  • Knowledge of a particular system
  • A particular qualification
  • A second language

There is much more to addressing selection criteria than meets the eye.  Not only do you need to know what to say but you need to know how you say it.

All Résumé Services understands the importance of selection criteria and knows what hiring personnel are looking for when they read an applicant’s response.

#How we can help

All Résumé Services are the experts at presenting your professional experience in a way that highlights your skills, abilities, and achievements whilst correctly addressing the selection criteria.

Our professional Résumé writers can craft responses that show the review panel you are qualified to do the job and can back up your experience delivering results that exceed expectation.

All Résumé Services has helped many job applicants including those applying for Government positions to develop winning selection criteria responses for broad range positions throughout the Gold Coast and across the whole of Australia.

Call All Résumé Services today on 0410 934 371.  We have 30 years of industry experience writing professional Résumés, cover letters, and professional profiles.  We also professionally prepare candidates for job interviews as well so they have every chance of winning the job.


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