Is Compiling Your Own Résumé
Doing Your Head-In?

“We fully understand the pain and frustration you’re having with your Résumé and your job search and the biggest issues you may be facing right now… could be….

  • Knowing what information you should add or leave out of your Résumé. Trying to work it out will only prolong getting you the desired job!
  • Having the skill set to create an appealing design of your own Résumé that WOWS potential employers…and accurately reflects your talents!
  • Being aware of the most powerful and essential “keywords” that recruiters and their scanning software are looking for within your Résumé!
  • Or maybe you’ve already put your Résumé out there, applied for multiple positions…but the phone has yet to ring back for job interviews!

Software (ATS) Scans your Résumé prior to any human being reading it!

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“Did you know it’s estimated that 85% of all companies, large and small, are now using ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) to initially evaluate and ‘weed out’ Résumés that don’t pass their standards and guidelines?

”Unfortunately, it’s true and this means that before your potential employer even looks at your Résumé …it must pass through the ATS successfully FIRST….. but

You No Longer Have to Stress ~ We’re Here To Help You…

All Résumé Services works with programs that most companies use to complete this task and know how to create a résumé that can pass this test. More importantly, we can craft a résumé that not only satisfies the computer program but, also impresses H.R.

If you’ve been in the market for a new job for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that applying for, and landing that dream position is no easy task. The truth is, finding the right job requires a big investment on your part…. and the single most important factor in getting that dream job is knowing how to write a professional résumé.


Considered the premier professional résumé writing service in Australia, we employ the absolute best résumé writers in the business. Our Australian team of writers have years of experience in Human Resources and Administrative backgrounds and are able to tailor any résumé to specific skills, abilities and the role you want. Our services ensure that our Clients are show-cased in the best possible light giving them the highest chance of getting an interview.


Are you one of these people who has always had success writing your own résumé and cover letter but are no longer getting invited to interviews? Even when you are exactly what a prospective employer is looking for in a candidate? The reason is simple; no one on the hiring team has seen your documents. Your documents have been uploaded into a computer database. The decision whether your résumé is suitable for the position is being made by computer software.

Many companies use leading edge, sophisticated software to screen your documents before any person reads them! Click below to find out why your documents are not getting you to the interview stage and then decide who you want to write your résumé.

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We treat each client as an individual, because in a highly competitive job market, standing out matters. Our aim is to get you more callbacks and more chances to land that position. Why wait? Our experts know how to effectively market your skills and abilities to HR departments in EVERY industry and profession including but not limited to the following:

      • Accounting
      • Administration
      • C Level Executives like CEO, CFO and CIO
      • Civil Engineering
      • Construction
      • Education
      • Health Care
    • Information Technology
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Mining
    • Sales
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • All Trades
  • “Hi Sonia Thank you for your great work . Regards”

    Glenn S
    Spearwood WA
    Boiler Maker/Rigger
  • “Hi Sonia & Team – 8 June 2016 OMG wow, how exciting, my new revamped resume looks amazing…. I can’t believe it, I am so, so, so happy, thank you….. I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face all morning…… I’ve always thought my resume was perfect, I moved from Perth to Melbourne in 2014 and have applied for well over 200 hundred jobs, with literally no successes in obtaining an interview or even a call, I couldn’t understand why, until I contacted Sonia from All Resume Services to find out my resume is seriously out-dated for today’s online job market. Once I received just the draft resume back, I couldn’t have been more excited and happy, what an amazing difference, the effort and work put into my resume, is just the best, I am looking forward to applying for jobs, knowing I can be confident in what has been put in my CV, thank you so much Sonia, always quick to respond and the end product, is amazing……. I am kicking myself, I wish I had contacted you a year ago, I have been so stressed out and now with what you have done for me, I feel a sense of relief knowing I have a chance of getting a permanent job. I also spoke to the HR Manager at John Holland he advised me, that Yes, they use a Tracking System…… How times have changed…and how technical resumes are these days… I’m super excited Sonia, than you for making my day 🙂”

    Melbourne VIC
    Project Coordinator – June 2016
  • “Finding jobs was easy. There are tons of websites to help you find them. There are tons of ‘help wanted’ signs in windows. I knew I was a qualified and I thought that getting a job for someone with my skills would be easy thing to do as I wasn’t seeking an entry level position, I had years of experience, I had been at my job for more than 4 years. Yet time and time again, I turned in resume after resume and nothing. I did follow up calls, included ‘cover pages,’ personal references, you name it, I tried it; still nothing. I had previously heard that resume services were available for a small fee. I looked up resume writing services online and came across I was paired up with Sonia. She told me that my situation was all too common. She said that there were a number of ways we could dramatically increase the likelihood of me getting a job based on my resume alone. I told Sonia what I did and what I was trying to do. I gave her a copy of my previous resume for some more details. Sonia had my resume back to me and I was astonished. No truth was stretched or bent. Everything was accurate; it just read in such a way that I would not have thought to do. Sonia was great; this service was great but most of all, it was successful. There are investments that we sometime make where we find them to be invaluable. Sonia and is one such investment. I’m a decent writer, but resumes are what they do, and they’re great at it”

    Jennifer M
    Customer Service Representative
  • Hi Sonya

    Just wanted to send you a thank you email and let you know that I got the job at the Perth Zoo!

    I started in November and have been meaning to email you and say thank you so much! Your assistance was very valuable and definitely gave me the edge to get the interview! Thank you!!!

    If you are ever at the zoo, feel free to ask for me in the Primates section as I am now an Orang-utan keeper 🙂

    Kindest Regards

    Rachel ~ Perth WA ~ January 2017
  • “Hi Sonia, You probably don’t remember me. But I remember you because you were the one who helped me to re-write my resume and cover letters 8 years ago when I was looking for internship programs while at uni. Back then my resume and cover letter was extremely primitive, and was extremely poorly organized that no one even cared to take a look. I even had it tailored by the university’s carrier advisory service, but still it didn’t attract any employer in the market. However, after I had them tailored by you, and also after few failed interviews, I managed to get multiple internship offers in year 2009 from multinational banks and IT companies. I took the internship at JP Morgan and I believe it became a great stepping stone for my carrier in the long run. Looking back now, I really feel that the quality of my resume improved by multiple times after your service, and it was a very important step forward in my carrier. I would like to thank you again for your superb service back then. Long story short, I have been having quite successful careers since then, I am now working for ……”

    oo Lee
    Analyst Programmer
  • “Hey Sonia Thank you for your high standard of customer service Regards”

    Melville WA
    Plant Operator
  • Hi Sonia, Thank you so much for this excellent resume and all the information regarding the interview process. I will make sure that I will go over the information before I attend any job interview which may be soon. Excellent work, thanks again.
    Kind Regards,

    Sydney NSW
    Customer Manager - Oct 2016
  • Thank you so much Sonia and your team, I had my interview yesterday. I felt like I went well. I walked in feeling so clear in the head it was ridiculous and brilliant! I know that they liked me, I could feel that and I know it will come down to whether there was a better person for the job or not. Your interview preparation pack was a lifesaver and a real treasure packed with vital information. I read all your notes and I was so prepared that it felt easy when I went into the interview. In fact easier than I had imagined. Thank you so much.

    Joondalup WA
    Professional Administrator - November 2014
  • “Hi Sonia, Fantastic work, the resume and covering letter looks very professional. I would highly recommend Sonia. Thanks again.”

    Hervey Bay QLD
    Car Sales Consultant
  • “I just wanted you to know that after your company did my resume and covering letter for the Mandurah Casual Ranger position I was interviewed on Monday 11th January and started in the position on Monday 18th! Thank you so much for your prompt service, I am happy to recommend your company to friends.”

    Caroline S
    Perth WA
  • “Hi Sonia and Team, I cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you did on my Resume and Cover Letter., simply awesome. As I have had a varied work history over the years and I am presently moving into a new career phase of my life, putting this into words in a clear professional manner was a challenge for me. I am so happy I approached Sonia and her team. As an added bonus the “Interview bonus Package” is truly priceless. I will highly recommend you. Thank you again..”

    Yolunda Walker
    Melbourne VIC
    Senior Administrator – February 2016
  • “Dear Sonia, I would like to congratulate you and your team for the production of a very professional resume for me. Not only was a broad and complex IT skill set presented efficiently in the best possible manner but to my delight my entire interaction with All Resume Services was an exemplary display of fantastic ’old fashioned’ customer service that I am more than happy to highly recommend to others. Kindest regards”

    Ashburton Vic 3147
    Network Systems Administrator

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  • Hi Sonia
    I just wanted to say thank you again for my resume.
    I submitted my resume on-line and within a few days I had been offered 3 interviews and then positions, so I was then able to pick my ideal career move. I have been asked by several people who helped me with the resume and have been happy to recommend your and your teams service. When I need to update it again I will know exactly where to head.
    Thank you again.


    Butler WA
    Nurse Unit Manager-Radiation Oncology – July 2016
  • Dear Sonia, Thankyou so much for your very prompt and professional services. I would like to inform you that not only your professional expertise helped me secure an interview, the information pack that was provided also really helped me prepare for it and I have now secured the role. I would also like to acknowledge your time and input especially after hours and the fact that you showed real empathy throughout the whole process. I would not think twice before engaging your services again.


    Melbourne VIC
    Corporate Finance Manager – Oct 2016
  • “Hi Sonia Just wanted to let you know I got the job which you and your team prepared the Resume & Selection Criteria for me and wanted to say thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without your help! Appreciate the professionalism and timely manner in which the entire process was carried out. Thanks Sonia at All Resume Services and her Team of great writers!”


    Parramatta NSW
    Client Service Officer – Sept 2016
  • “Hi Sonia, It’s been a couple of years since my last business dealing with you. I had a successful application in the post in Emergency department from the Resume and Selection Criteria that you guys prepared for me. It’s time for me to move forward again and would like to obtain your services once again and take this opportunity to thank you.”

    Bunbury WA Nurse
    Unit Manager - July 2016
  • “I would like to thank you so much for the service you have provided and the speed in which you were able to do for me. I have no hesitation in recommending you and your Company to others.” It’s not everyday you come across a company like yours that delivers on the service they’ve promised! 🙂 Thank you again! Kind regards”

    Narangba QLD
    Business Management – Sept 2016
  • “Thank you so much for the CV, it has done wonders for me. I applied for 2 jobs only and received an interview for both of them 2 days later! I have now successfully got a new job and its down to the brilliant job you have done on my CV. Thanks you so much.”

    Andre van Myk –

    Andre van Myk
    Perth WA
    HSE Advisor/Manager - July 2016
  • “Hi Sonia, Can’t believe how quick you got that back to me.:) This is amazing, thank you so much, I don’t think there is anything I wanna change in there 🙂 thanks to you and your team for this amazing work 🙂 I’ll defiantly recommend you guys to all my friends and families:) Have a great day. I sure will use you guys again in future.”

    Doncaster VIC
    Nurse – June 2016
  • “Hello Sonia You have been worth every penny. You have done a fantastic job and even sent through other documentation, which I didn’t expect, however will find very helpful. I will be recommending you to other friends and colleagues of mine – I will forward your contact details only to them. Thank you for everything once again.”

    Belgrave South VIC
    Executive Assistant
  • “Sonia provides the ultimate service. She is friendly and very experienced. I was lucky to have found a great resume service. Sonia and her team are very fast and efficient in providing the most amazing resume and selection criteria. I had the experience of using the All Resume Services and landed the job I was applying for. I couldn’t have been happier with the result. Sonia was even able to provide me with interview hints and tips which I put to good use during my interview. All resume services provide the whole package, from the detailed resumes to the interview preparation, they leave no leaf unturned. I would highly recommend All Resume Services to friends, family and colleagues. Honestly a normal resume won’t get you the job but an “All Resume Services resume” WILL get you the job. Thanks again, I look forward to your services again in the future. Sonia, you truly are a life saver!! I love your work. Many many thanks.”

    Kym Shannon
    Rockingham WA
    Graduate Registered Nurse
  • “Dear Sonia Thank you so very much for what you have done for me, by creating my resume. The professional manner in the way that you approached the whole project, fantastic. I am so glad that I took the “plunge”. I have no hesitation in recommending Sonia and All resume services to anyone. Thank you again for the amazing job. Kind regards”

    St Clair NSW
    Leader Injury Management
  • “I just wanted you to know that after your company did my resume and covering letter for the Mandurah Casual Ranger position I was interviewed on Monday 11th January and started in the position on Monday 18th! Thank you so much for your prompt service, I am happy to recommend your company to friends.”

    Caroline S
    Perth WA
  • “Good Morning Sonia, Absolutely brilliant, thank you once again!! Such a great job, and so pleased – can’t thank you enough.”

    Joondalup WA
    Professional Administrator