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Selection panel will know they are looking for in the ideal candidate.

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Typically, a selection panel will know what they are looking for in the ideal candidate. By passing the selection criteria phase, the interviewer can be comfortable that the candidates will possess the right attributes to be considered for the role.

When you are dealing at a government level, the early part of the interview process can be very impersonal, this unfortunately means you can quite quickly be cut from the process without a second thought, that’s why you need a selection criteria writer to make the reader sit up and take notice of your ability to advance the organisation’s goals and objectives.

Selection criteria response writers are aware that there are usually two types of selection criteria:
  • Essential Selection Criteria
  • Desirable Selection Criteria

Our selection criteria response will address both areas. Whilst you may look at the desirable criteria and think its optional, make no mistake; if you don’t respond to them, your chances of getting to the interview stage go down dramatically.

All Résumé Services understands the importance of Selection process and knows what hiring personnel are looking for when they read an applicant’s response.

Selection criteria responses need to show past successes

The panel does not want you to tell them you can deliver, they want to see it demonstrated from past experiences/scenarios. You need to share examples of your successes which clearly validate you have the characteristics they want on their team. Whilst addressing selection terms you need to show tried and proven experiences, instead of unsubstantiated claims of success in the areas.

We can help you present your professional experience in a way that highlights your skills, abilities and achievements whilst correctly addressing the selection conditions. Our writers can craft responses that show the review panel you are qualified to do the job and can back up your experience delivering results that exceed expectation.

All Résumé Services has helped many Government job applicants just like you to develop winning selection criteria responses for a range of Government positions across the whole of Australia. Call us today and push your career forward.

Let us create a Selection Criteria response that will make employers want to INTERVIEW YOU!

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