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Cover letter can not only show your qualifications and skills

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Why do I need a professional cover letter writing service?

You are not alone if you’ve wondered if a cover letter is a waste of time. However, if you consider that a human resources department reads through tens of hundreds of Résumés daily, a well-crafted cover letter can not only show your qualifications and skills, it can also demonstrate your traits and characterizes.

Attitude can often trump experience, and whilst you can only gauge so much from a cover letter, it does demonstrate that extra care factor that can set you apart from others.

What does a professional cover letter writing service provide?

All Résumé Services can provide you with a generic cover letter that outlines your experience and highlights the type of attributes that may be highly regarded in that industry.

Our professional cover letter service could even provide many cover letters specific to each job you apply for, or a general cover letter that can be added to any job application.

A cover letter hold a lot of weight in the corporate world

No matter how in-depth your Résumé is, and how glorious your accolades are, they don’t talk about you as a person. A professional cover letter can give an insight into your work ethic and the person behind the Résumé.

In the higher paid roles, especially, when a potential employer asks for a cover letter and one is not provided, this can be an easy way to weed out candidates that don’t follow instruction. If a cover letter is provided and is generic and not tailored to the job, it can show a lack of effort and potentially a lack of interest in the role. When shortlisting from a large candidate pool, Human Resources can be ruthless in their selection criteria.

A professional cover letter should demonstrate why they need you

When you really want that role, you need to make it easy for the person that is sifting through all the applicants. Use your cover letter to tell them how your experience matches the role, and why you would be invaluable.

Don’t wait for a potential employer to work out if you are the right person for the role, call All Résumé Services on 0410 934 371 and our professional cover writing service Australia Wide will detail how and why you are the right person for the job.

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