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When job seekers apply for vacant positions, usually a cover letter and a Résumé are required to be submitted with your expression of interest.

You may not be aware that keywords play a vital role in your Résumé being selected to progress in the candidacy process.

Keywords in Résumés work just like the words we type into Google when we are searching for something. For example, if you were looking for a job in insurance, you would type insurance jobs into a Google search.  The keywords here are” insurance” and “jobs”.

Google then narrows down the field of information to display results for “insurance” and “jobs”.

Keywords are not only used to filter and identify a topic or problem on Google but they are also words that recruitment managers use to screen applicant’s Résumés with.

This can either be done manually by a recruitment manager physically reading your Résumé or it can be done by a computer using sophisticated Applicant Tracking Software (ATS).

Most companies these days use ATS to screen Résumés and will either immediately reject your Résumé or allow it to pass to the next stage.

Your Résumé may never have human eyes read it before it is rejected!

#How to add keywords to your Résumé?

To help you get selected for an interview, your Résumé keywords should include:

  • specific job requirements
  • your qualifications
  • skills
  • software and technology competencies
  • relevant credentials
  • previous positions and
  • previous employers

The list of appropriate keywords that can be added to your Résumé to boost your chances of selection is exhaustive and can be overdone if you aren’t experienced at including keywords in your Résumé.

You also run the risk of having your Résumé immediately rejected by ATS if you use a Résumé template you found on the internet.

All Résumé Services on the Gold Coast can assist you to add keywords specific to your industry in your Résumé and cover letter no matter where you are in Australia.

We can also provide professional Résumé writing services and interview preparation sessions to ensure you have every chance of winning that coveted job.

Call All Résumé Service’s Gold Coast now on 0410 934 371 to have your Résumé and cover letter written professionally with those vital, job-winning keywords.


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