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The use of applicant tracking software by employers to receive, store, manage and retrieve prospective candidates’ résumés online is not new. However, using this technology maximizes our client’s chances of being contacted by an employer for an interview.

A human being will never see a résumé that has been uploaded into the applicant tracking software unless it has been first retrieved through a keyword search.

Here’s how applicant tracking software works. The resume is scanned into the computer using the applicant tracking software as an image. Then OCR (optical character recognition) software looks at the image to distinguish every letter and number (character) and creates a text file (ASCII). Then artificial intelligence “reads” the text and extracts important information about you such as the name, address, phone number, work history, years of experience, education, and skills.

Why is this so important?

When a résumé is prepared for the applicant tracking software to read, it must be scannable. A scannable résumé is clean so that the scanner can get a clean image. A scannable résumé has standard fonts and crisp, dark type such as a laser printer would produce – so the OCR can recognize every letter. And a scannable résumé has plenty of facts for the artificial intelligence to extract – skills, relevant keywords, and facts are provided to match available positions.

A scannable résumé:

Maximizes the applicant tracking software’s ability to “read” the resume

Maximizes client’s ability to get “hits” (when one of the skills matches the applicant tracking software search)

#How we can help

All Résumé Services are experts at presenting your professional experience in a way that highlights your skills, abilities, and achievements whilst correctly addressing the selection criteria.

Our professional Résumé writers can craft responses that show the review panel you are qualified to do the job and can back up your experience by delivering results that exceed expectations.

All Résumé Services has helped many job applicants including those applying for Government positions to develop winning selection criteria responses for a broad range of positions throughout the Gold Coast and across the whole of Australia.

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