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According to current statistics, Australia’s unemployment rate has reached 5.8%. If you are unfortunately one of the many jobless, the prospect of competing for a job against all the other applicants out there can make you not even want to try.

Add to the jobless rate, a number of the working population who are wanting to change their career path, thus adding to the pool of job seekers and ultimately your competition.

It makes sense that if you want an advantage over the masses to get to the interview stage of an advertised role, your Résumé must make the reader sit up and take notice.  If the prospective employer is using Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), your Résumé must first make it past the machine to progress to the interview stage.

Whether a computer or a human being is reading your Résumé, if it is not of the utmost professional standard with the right keywords and phrases, your Résumé will never see the light of day, rather the bottom of the waste bin.

All Résumé Services based on the Gold Coast has been assisting clients in Australia Wide to enter the workforce, move up the corporate ladder, or change career paths with professionally written Résumés, cover letters, professionally written profiles, and job interview preparation services.

Our highly regarded professional Résumé writing services mean you get the advantage of over 30 years of Résumé writing experience and a guarantee that you will win an interview.

Writing a professional Résumé is a particular skill that not all of us possess. At All Résumé Services on the Gold Coast, we know exactly what information needs to be in your Résumé and what keywords a prospective hiring manager or the ATS are scanning for to shortlist candidates for an interview.

Our Résumés are the perfect platform to market your skills and abilities in the finest way, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

With the job market being such a tough gig at the moment, you need to give yourself every possible chance of making it through the first cut and on to an interview.

Our talented Résumé writers whose years of expertise and research of current job markets and trends, can expertly showcase your:

  • Skills
  • Attributes
  • Achievements and
  • Career aspirations

Our Australian team of writers have years of experience in Human Resources and Administrative backgrounds and are able to tailor any Résumé to specific skills, and abilities to the role you want.

We can also address the selection criteria, a critical point many job seekers fail to complete properly in their job applications, and also write a professional cover letter to accompany your Résumé.

Our aim is to get you more callbacks and more chances to land those coveted positions. So, don’t delay! Call All Résumé Services now at 0410 934 371.

Even if you already have a professionally written Résumé, remember all are not equal! We can assess your current Résumé to see if it does give you that cutting-edge advantage, and if not, we can certainly make sure that it does!

Contact us for a professional assessment!


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