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There is an opinion out there that job seeker who uses Résumé templates are selling themselves short and their Résumé will rarely make it past first base let alone progress through the selection process to the interview stage.

At All Résumé Services, we wholeheartedly agree. If your goal is to stand out from the other candidates to ultimately win the job, how on earth do you expect to do that if your Résumé looks the same as everybody else’s?

You may not be aware that companies these days use sophisticated computer-based Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to weed out applications that don’t qualify and it only takes approximately 10 seconds to do this!

Your Résumé, if not written by a professional Résumé writer has a mere 10-second chance to pass the ATS. Are you confident your DIY Résumé or the one your friend wrote for you is up to the task?

We think not! Whether the computer scans your Résumé or a hiring manager reads it, the outcome will be the same if you use a sample Résumé and simply fill in the blanks with your own details. It will, unfortunately, be discarded or disqualified.

#Cutting edge advantage

For your Résumé to outshine everyone else’s you need it is professionally written.  Résumé writers have years of the job market and creative writing experience to professionally showcase your talents in such a way that the recruitment manager will place your Résumé in the “to be interviewed pile” and not in the waste paper bin.

You need a cutting edge, marketing Résumé that presents your skills, talents, experience, and background in an engaging and professional manner, and is attractively color coordinated in its presentation.

And yes, you read right above – a marketing Résumé. A professionally written Résumé is the most effective marketing tool in your job seeking arsenal to win you that coveted job.

Who could compare a sleekly presented, professionally written Résumé over a sub-standard, one-size-fits-all approach Résumé template, that doesn’t work for the individual let alone the masses!

#The opportunity to sell yourself

At an interview, you get the opportunity to sell yourself to your prospective employer but what if you never get to reach the interview stage because you’ve used a sample Résumé that employers simply won’t read?

Your Résumé and cover letter are the only things that will get you past first base with the hiring manager or the computer in the race to win that perfect job.

If the written word on your Résumé does its job, your phone will be ringing for an interview. If it does not, you can expect one of two things to happen, to never hear back about your application or receive the “thanks, but no thanks” email.

Understand, your Résumé is your foot in the door, so a cookie-cutter Résumé template will simply not cut it in today’s fierce job market.

#Give yourself the best possible chance

All Résumé Services on the Gold Coast take immense pride in showcasing their client’s skills, career history, and talents in the best possible light with our professionally written Résumés and cover letters.

We thoroughly research the job market and job trends so we can expertly communicate your assets on paper to a prospective employer.

All Résumé Services certified Résumé writing team have over 30 years of industry experience and we are so confident about the results of our professional Résumés, we guarantee an interview.

To give yourself the possible chance of achieving your career goals, it is well worth the small fee to pay for a professionally written Résumé and cover letter with All Résumé Services.

After all, it could win you the job of your dreams!


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