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Sonia Lynch

If you are a job seeker, your Résumé is a most powerful marketing tool and an employer is your target market.

To get employers to sit up and take notice of you via a cover letter and Résumé is no mean feat in today’s tough economic climate.

Your cover letter is the first impression a prospective employer will have of you.  If they like what they read, they will then read your Résumé. If they don’t, they will discard or disqualify your application then and there and move on to the next.  Harsh, but it is the truth!

So, why would you leave the most important, job winning, marketing tool to a friend of a friend or a template you found on the net? Would you dare attempt to write a Résumé yourself now knowing what is at stake?

To secure that elusive job interview, your Résumé needs to detail your skills, achievements, and attributes and be compelling enough that the employer wants to know more and calls you for an interview.

If you’ve been able to identify your target market (your target industry and employer), you can then begin to build a Résumé and detail the tangible benefits of your appointment to the position.

Writing a Résumé takes considerable skill and knowledge that not all of us possess. If you are in the job market, competing with all the other job seekers, it is well worth it to pay for a professional cover letter and Résumé.

All Résumé Services have over 30 years in professional Résumé writing experience and write cover letters, address selection criteria, write professional LinkedIn profiles and assist clients with job interview preparation.

We know how to write Résumés that get our clients the interview and in most cases the job!

Our Résumé writers undertake thorough research so we are across all job markets and trends in all industries. We know exactly what employers are looking for, how to include keywords in your Résumés and address selection criteria that allow your Résumé to pass the Applicant Scanning Software (ATS) that can instantly and brutally disqualify your application.

We know exactly what to add and what to leave out so your Résumé is as succinct as possible whilst showcasing your skills, achievements, and attributes in the most favorable light.

With an All Résumé Services professionally written Résumé, your application has the best possible chance of progressing to an interview.

Not only will your Résumé look and read entirely professional, you will have a distinct advantage over the applicants who wrote their own Résumés who will be out of the running almost immediately.

If you currently have a Résumé that is not winning you any jobs, All Résumé Services can assess it to see if you do stand out from the crowd or fade into the background.

Don’t delay, call our professional and certified Résumé writing team today on 0410 934 371.  We are here to assist you with Résumés, cover letters, selection criteria, LinkedIn profiles and even job interview preparation.

Your perfect job could be advertised anytime soon and you would want to ready with a professionally written Résumé and cover letter from All Résumé Services if you want the best chance of succeeding.


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