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A professional Résumé gives you every chance of winning that perfect job.

If you are about to write your own Résumé using a template you have found on the internet, BEWARE!

Résumé templates are highly unlikely to get you past the first stage, let alone progress to an interview. In short, you will rarely win any job using internet-based Résumé templates.

As a job applicant, we don’t often see the flip side to when employers advertise for vacant positions. You may not be aware that many companies use leading edge, sophisticated applicant tracking software to screen your Résumé and supporting documents, all before a single person reads them!

No longer can you assume that when you submit your Résumé, that it will be a human reading it and that you will be called in for an interview.

That rudimentary Résumé template you found via google, simply no longer suffices!

In the world of modern technology, it is critical you have a Résumé written by a professional Résumé writing service to get you past first base – the computer!

There are many things to consider when writing a Résumé:

  • You will need to be well versed on the Australian job market to know what employers are looking for.
  • You will need to know what keywords are and where to position them in your Résumé so the computer does not immediately discard your application.
  • You would need to know the exact criteria the employers have in their software for your Résumé to have any chance of progressing.

As you read on, it is surely becoming quite apparent that a professionally written Résumé is the only chance you have of winning that coveted job.

At All Résumé Services on the Gold Coast, our professional Résumé writing service knows what to include and where in your Résumé to get it noticed.

Our team of professional Résumé writers, through research and many years of experience, know exactly what the Australian job market is looking for and it is a tough market out there indeed.

Our professional Résumés expertly portray your experience and detail your skills and attributes so that it passes the applicant tracking software and appeals to Human Resources managers and potential employers.

All Résumé Services can assist with professional Résumé writing for clients Australia wide to market your skills and abilities for a variety of industries.

To have your Résumé stand out from the crowd, call All Résumé Service’s professional Résumé writing service on the Gold Coast on 0410 934 371.

Be sure to give yourself every chance of winning that perfect job.


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