Are you one of these people who has always had success writing your own résumé and cover letter but are no longer getting invited to interviews? Even when you are exactly what a prospective employer is looking for in a candidate? The reason is simple; no one on the hiring team has seen your documents. Your documents have been uploaded into a computer database. The decision whether your résumé is suitable for the position is being made by computer software.

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) is becoming more common in the hiring process. Some experts estimate that almost 85% of all companies, large and small, use some form of ATS as the very first step in evaluating a résumé. If your résumé doesn’t get through this screening process, no one will ever read about your experience and skills. No matter how perfect you are for the job, you will not be considered if your application does not satisfy the computer’s arbitrary standards.

All Résumé Services understand ATS programs and know how to create a résumé that can pass this test. More importantly, we can craft a résumé that not only satisfies the computer program but, also impresses the human reader. After all, the computer won’t be extending an offer to interview, only the hiring manager will make that decision.

All Resume Services know how to position keywords to ensure ATS includes you in the in the first group of acceptable candidates, while blending them into the narrative so that hiring managers enjoy reading your documents.

If necessary, we also embed a QR Code in your documents. It is a hidden code which gets scanned by the ATS. This is a new invention by Sonia which we’ve recently added to ensure that the ATS makes a decision on Your Résumé and gets it through to HRs.

There are a lot of companies creating resumes, cover letters, and selection criteria for a lot less, but remember you “always get what you pay for”. Don’t be fooled by those charging a lesser fee as they may be using templates to create your documents. ATS is very sophisticated and will immediately pick up on double content. If companies use templates, your content may be the same as several other applicants.

It is impossible to create unique content and professional documents for less than our competitive fees. If you’ve had your documents created by another company and you’ve not been selected for an interview, please consider calling us today for a free assessment and quote.