An Australian Résumé, cover letter, professional portfolio, LinkedIn Profile and other key factors are all key in getting you noticed on the Gold Coast and Australia Wide

With the unpredictability of the world, the job market has become quite fragile. Not only are there more people actively looking for work, but employers have become a lot more cautious than ever before.

I’m sending my Résumé out, but no one is responding!

Are you are sending your résumé out to the Gold Coast job market or across Australia, and you are not getting any calls for interviews, even though your background matches the job description? It might be time to talk to All Résumé Services and get an Australian résumé that employers will take notice of.

Applicant Tracking Software is used in the majority of large companies that are recruiting. At All Résumé Services, we tap into the job market and give your résumé the boast it needs to appeal to the relevant software and/or potential employer.

Is a cover letter a waste of time?

Quite simply – No! Make life easier for a recruiter and let them know how and why you are right for the role. Why make them work for it?

Is a professional portfolio overkill?

No, it’s a one-stop, organised shop for all your professional experience and achievements. Why not have everything to hand, so you can show your value in the work place. Being prepared is never a bad trait.

Are LinkedIn profiles important?

Yes, if you want a professional corporate brand with the ability to network with the wider corporate community.

Will interview preparation help me?

All Résumé Services will prepare you so well that all you need to worry about is finding that killer outfit to wear – the rule is, dress to impress.

All Résumé Services on the Gold Coast can help with the entire job search process, from the initial application to career advice, giving you the best chance at progressing your career.

We help give you control over your career.

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