What is an expression of interest?

When you are trawling through the newspapers or on-line advertisements you may see expression of interest advertisements. So what is an expression of interest, and what is their purpose? These are usually written by companies that want to cast a large recruitment net, and may not be looking for one specific job but many different roles within the company, or the company might not have established what they need exactly but want to see what skills are on the job market.

Whilst an expression of interest advertisement can be quite generic, it will usually include general skills and qualifications that would be required by the company.

An expression of interest letter is a lot like a cover letter, in that it is a way to tell the potential employer why you are suitable for the role in a clear and concise way.

Why might you write an expression of interest letter

If you have a career path or work in a specific industry, there may be a company/companies that you have an interest in working for, this is where you may like to send an expression of interest letter to let the company know that you would like to be considered for any future positions.

A professional expression of interest letter will detail why that company might want to consider creating a position for you, or keeping your details on file should they need someone with your skill set in the future. This shows a real proactive passion for the company and can be highly regarded.

A professional expression of interest letter puts you in control

Why wait for the perfect job where you are or further afield when you can pick the companies you want to work for and tell them in a perfectly crafted expression of interest letter.

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