Welcome to the world of All Résumé Services, an innovative leader in the field of Résumé Writing Services. Backed by years of experience, be confident that your Résumé is in the right hands.


  • We will treat every Résumé as a unique chance to accurately paint a picture of YOU, professionally highlighting your attributes and qualifications to immediately catch the attention of your prospective employer.
  • We will focus on YOU. As our customer you are part of our family. We will work with you to make the best Résumé possible.
  • We will produce only the highest quality work. Top-notch people deserve top-notch representation

Here at All Résumé Services we handcraft every Résumé with specific attention to detail. We stand out against the same, repetitive generic Résumés, and pledge to do our best to break the mold. NEVER will we use résumé-writing software, nor will we ever just fill in a dull template. Every Résumé is produced directly from scratch and is as unique and special as the person it represents. Our Résumés aim to market you in these highly competitive times, and to set you apart from the competition.

Individuality is the key to success. That is why here we promise that each work is unique and tailored specifically to you. Showcase yourself professionally, and highlight all of your accomplishments with our help. We promise to set you apart from the competition. Remember, here there is no “can’t”, there is only “can”!

Think what you want to do, what image you want to present to your prospective employer and how your past experiences relate to your career aspirations and we will design it exclusively for YOU. .


Meet Our Team

Resume Writing - Gold Coast - Team Member Sonia Lynch
Sonia Lynch

Sonia is a dynamic and results-driven business professional leveraging 30+ years’ experience in human resources, administration, marketing, and communications. A resourceful, entrepreneurial and service-oriented professional, Sonia has been providing outstanding résumé services to over 5000 people in the last 8 years.  She has an  unwavering commitment to client relationships with the ability to resolve complex issues, win customer loyalty and maintain a high level of confidentiality. Sonia delivers a quality service that exceeds expectation and promotes positive brand image for the individuals who use her service.

Resume Writing - Gold Coast - Team Member Mike

Mike has over 30 years of highly successful experience working in a range of sectors including IT, project management, recruitment and business management. During this time, Mike has seen and reviewed many résumés and instinctively knows what an employer looks for in a résumé . He believes in many cases, that résumés and cover letters are the first interview so your documents are always prepared with this thought in mind.

Resume Writing - Gold Coast - Team Member George

As one of All Résumé Services’ Senior Writers, George draws on experience from both sides of the hiring process to create superior employment documents. For the past five years, he has crafted winning résumés, cover letters and selection criteria responses for Australian and New Zealand clients. George brings two decades of experience as a recruiter and trainer for technology and service industries in North America and Australasia. When George was attending University, he nurtured his passion in the field by helping at-risk youth develop interview skills and supervised the writing of their résumés. George brings his dedication and expertise to every project, ensuring your employment documents will lead to interviews in your chosen field.

Resume Writing - Gold Coast - Team Member Melissa

Melissa has over 30 years work experience in a variety of industries including manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, and international development. Her roles were in administration, marketing, logistics and finance; with vast experience in copywriting and editing.

Melissa has spent a lot of time shortlisting so has an excellent grasp of what recruiters like to read. She has applied for many jobs in her career and understands how difficult it can be to get the role you want. Research of the company you want to work with is crucial, as is providing as much information as possible to the résumé writer. The more information we have, the better we can provide a concise but very clear résumé as to achievements and overall experience. The selection criteria or interview is where you are asked for more detailed examples of previous experience.

Resume Writing - Gold Coast - Team Member Anna

Anna is a writer, editor and proof-reader and she specialises in crafting compelling personal branding materials, including résumés, selection criteria and complex management job applications.

She is passionate about getting you to your next role and will build a résumé that supports your goals, values your achievements, highlights your true worth and sets you apart from other candidates.  Anna understands how important your career is to you and will work hard to help you realise your career aspiration.